TWHR Radio

"Connecting ideas to an audience is key. My job is to check facts for truth, and then facilitate the complex in an uncomplicated way. Empowering the listener is always the goal."

SOUND  SYSTEM. Believe it or not, I’ve been accused of being a perfectionist. I can live with that.  My take on it is simply the need to get information right.  My listeners are not strangers. When they’ve tuned in, they’ve made an important step in building the relationship. They’ve initiated a commitment in our time together for something meaningful and I aim to deliver.  I didn’t start my career focused on broadcasting, but as life evolved, I’ve been cast into the role of ….. well, you can fill in the blank.  I really am shy about titles;  they’re so limiting.  Of the many responsibilities I have, I simply hope to live up to the expectation of the goodness that my parents modeled, the smile that a proud son beams, and my community that knows me as ‘a woman for all things well’.  That is my hope.

When the mic goes live, the idea of thousands of listeners can be somewhat overwhelming, but in an instant I balance delivery and know our studio engineer is quiet in the corner laughing his little heart out over what sometimes sounds like, and actually becomes my comical mime of fumbling with bells and whistles,  gadgets and dials. No matter!  It’s all part of the experience.

Like the kid that insists on doing things herself, sometimes the team is dead-set on letting me just have my way.  It sharpens the learning curve.  What I love about them is that they’re always there – handling the crucial details of the studio and aware enough to give me the private space I need to talk to friends; facilitating wisdom and facts from research or interesting conversations from intriguing guests.

ON THE AIR. When the conversation connection begins, I’m tuned-in.  Aware.  In focus and on point.  When I’m in ‘the zone’, the engineers never interfere.   In retrospect, it’s actually pretty cool, appreciating the beauty of what goes on behind the scenes; the synchronized systems of systems and the essential efforts to create seamless sounds for a listening audience.  It’s a privilege to sit in the circle, with quiet contemplation over words spoken from my lips to listening ears;  may they engage, inspire, uplift and inform more than listeners;  our listening audience, ardent observers and friends.


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